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Casting of Horoscope

In order to cast a horoscope, it is important for the astrologer to know some pivotal details like place, date and time of one's birth. On the basis of the time of birth, with the help of an already made out of astrological Indian calendar or panchang, an astrologer can calculate and find out which out of the 12 zodiac signs, is racing in the horizon at the time of the child's birth. This sign occupies the first house or the sentence in horoscope and it is known as the rising sign. The rest of the chart can be prepared with the help of the calendar panchang which is self-explanatory.


This service is to tell about a person’s life to know more about himself, family, health, career, wealth, business, property etc...


Determining the rising star at the time of birth and preparing the horoscope of the native and on this basis predicting the good and the bad effects that may ensue in the course of his life is called the art of horoscopy

But the Science of Inquiry (or 'PRASNA') is a more intriguing one.

A man loses his property all of a sudden; how does it happen? Can he ever recover it? A person hides an object in his hand and inquires the astrologist whether he can declare what it is. Or he thinks of some object or idea; can the astrologist predict its nature, quantity and characteristics?

That science which solves these enigmas is named Prasna. The means by which one is able to determine exactly the various configurations of the planets at one particular moment, whether in the present, past or future is called the science of calculation

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